Recap – Month 1

For anyone that likes stats and highlights, here they are for our first month on the road.

By the Numbers

Countries Visited: 3 (USA, Fiji, New Zealand)

Beds Slept in: 10

  • Hotels: 3 nights
  • AirBnBs: 14 nights
  • Campervan: 9 nights
  • Friend’s House: 1 night
  • Hostels: 4 nights

Flights Taken: 7

Hours in the Air: 24

Miles Travelled: 9310


Absolutely one of the best parts from our first month traveling was getting to see our friend Martha on the big island of Hawaii. Another highlight from our time on the big island was seeing the lava spewing from Kilauea. It was spectacular seeing something that most only see in documentaries in science class.

Seeing all of the nesting albatross at Kaena point on Oahu is definitely another high point. Albatross are such amazing birds, and I’m so excited to see more of them while in New Zealand.

Simply arriving in New Zealand was a spectacular moment. Even though we had been traveling for almost two weeks, it really felt like our adventure began when we landed in Auckland.

I know for Jason, a major highlight was sailing around the Auckland Harbor on a retired America’s Cup Yacht – see featured image. I’m glad I did it, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that again… ever. Tacking so hard that you feel as though you’re perpendicular to the sea, moments from tumbling down the deck and into the ocean. No, thank you.


There weren’t many, but definitely not being able to stay in the 1968 VW Van converted to a camper was disappointing. We had booked this¬†awesome AirBnB for a few nights while on Oahu, but our host, Zach, was in the midst of a total overhaul of his property. The van had been moved off the property down to the street in order for the construction work to be done. He was very nice and let us stay in the first of his converted shipping containers, right next to the bathroom. It would have been better if he had disclosed that information before we had arrived.

Things to look forward to

Getting out of Auckland! It’s been nice, but we are ready to get out of the big city.¬†We spent about 10 days on the Coromandel Peninsula – more on that to come – and it really got us antsy to get out and see more of the country. As soon as we get a camper of our own, we’re off. It cannot happen soon enough!