About us


What’s up? Hello there! Welcome to the worst “about us” page in the history of blogging… and thank you for visiting!

My name is Beth… I’m the blonde one down below. That handsome bearded fellow to my left (but on the right) is my husband, Jason.


I’m guessing that you want to know a little more about us, since you are reading the “About us” page. If you’re confused, you might want to hit the back button to take you to more familiar territory. If we’re on the same page (I couldn’t help myself), keep reading.

I’ll start.

What do you need to know about me? This is such a strange thing to write, trying to compress your whole self into a witty little paragraph of highlights to convey to a stranger the essential aspects of your personality that will offer insight into your writing. Heavy. [I warned you this was bad].

The basics. I am an eighties baby and an Aries. I am the youngest of four children and believe birth order can effect a person’s personality. Most of my adolescence was spent in a barn. The rest of the time I was dreaming of travel. Does that about do it? No?

Let’s see… I love travel… this is getting difficult. I am not very good at writing about myself objectively. There goes my autobiography.

Maybe bullet points?

  • I love reference humor, especially if its obscure, and have used it once already on this page. If anyone catches it, we will be immediate best friends.
  • I’m pretty good at cooking… having gone to culinary school helps
  • I’m even better at baking, but that is just God-given talent
  • I love food, but we have an abusive relationship. We’re working on it, though.
  • Animals are awesome. Especially cats, big and small; dogs, mostly big; horses, only big; ALL of the birds
  • Clue is the best movie of all time
  • I am 60% Anglophile and %40 Francophile

What can I say about my bearded half?

He’s perfect. Wait, no he’s not. But, he is perfect for me. Cue the eye rolls.

Jason is an incredibly talented photographer, and you can see his work here, and also sometimes on this blog. He is so creative but also has this very mechanically oriented mind, which is really fascinating. He excels in places I fail… like, he’s so compassionate and wants to help everyone. This was essential when he worked as an Advanced EMT. Even though he no longer works in emergency medical care, he would still stop the car and run to a burning vehicle to make sure no one was hurt, to which I would respond, “Get your ass back in the car, we have a dinner reservation.” He is also a really good driver. That sounds boring, but its really nice to feel safe in the passenger seat when driving around slippery roads on the wrong side of the car and road in the largest vehicle you’ve ever owned – insert Philben.

J is really funny, and he is easy to talk to. Should you ever meet us, he’ll probably be the one doing all the talking, I tend to hang in the background and listen… by choice. He is an uber-outdoorsy Eagle Scout and a military history buff. He played trombone in the school band all throughout high school. If you happened to catch MTV’s Two A Days back in the early 2000’s, you might have seen him in the background.

Does that paint a clear enough picture?

Our story.

Photo by Allison Lewis Photography

We met in the Fall of 2013 a week before Thanksgiving. I had just moved back home to Birmingham, AL after spending a year working and studying in New York. Since we met, not a day has passed where we haven’t talked. And talked about traveling the world. It’s a dream we both had separately [you can read about that here], then we met and it became our shared goal.

Well, at the beginning of 2017 we left our home in Alabama to begin a journey. With our working holiday visas in hand we headed to New Zealand – making a few stops along the way. Goal achieved! We are living our dream and working to find a way to make it a reality indefinitely.

This blog is my personal chronicle of our journey. I have always written about my travels, this way it saves paper and leather (yay environment!). Obviously, it is a collection of personal stories, but I think you’ll find useful resources for your own travels, as well. In the least, there will certainly be ideas for what not to do… we have a tendency to make poor choices. We’re working on that too.

We would love for you to follow along on our bird-filled, soul-searching, globe-trotting journey. It’ll be a hell of a trip, that I can assure you.