A Dinosaur, a Kiwi and a Soldier walk onto a Putt Putt Course…

Deep below the iconic Sky Tower, Auckland’s 328-meter tall hypodermic needle to clouds, rests the most fascinating indoor putt putt course I have ever come across.

Lost in Time.

On a lark J and I wandered into SkyCity – an enormous entertainment complex at the base of Sky Tower. Over several floors one can find a casino, movie theater, arcade and bowling lanes. But all the way down in the basement is a forgotten gem, the Lost in Time mini golf course.

J and I are known to play us some putt putt. In fact, this is the second time I have written about it, and this blog is still in its infancy. Like can’t hold its head up, and spits up milk vomit after every meal. You’re welcome for that lovely imagery.

As soon as we entered the deserted course, I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures, because it was so ludicrous.


The first set of holes is surrounded by war imagery and animatronic soldiers. Some of which are actively shooting at the golfers. My military history buff assures me that the figures are decked in WWI era uniforms with coinciding artillery. However, the surrounding scenery is filled with German soldiers from WWII. Is historical accuracy what was lost in time? If so, that is surprisingly poignant at this moment in time.

Gold Mine

A plastic black out curtain then brings the players into a darkened hall. Two neon painted holes await. The sounds of chiseling rock are echoing through speakers as you putt through the glow-in-the-dark accentuated void.

New Zealand Bush

Emerging from the black lit, err, gold mine, we enter a kiwi paradise, complete with waterfall and two caged kiwis. Wait? Why are the animatronic kiwis in a cage if this is supposed to be their natural habitat? What are they trying to say?

The best part is by far the par 3 hole that is shaped like a kiwi bird. Coming in a close second is the kiwi’s janky beak, criss-crossing every time it eats.

Mesozoic Era

Finally, we are confronted with a slew of dinosaurs as we complete the last five or so holes. Again, animatronics bring these creatures to “life” – distracting me as I try to putt.

By this point another couple was coming up behind us. Probably because we took an inordinate amount of time to get through 18 holes. I was taking photos in between every putt.

Of course, Jason beat me.

It was kind of amazing finding this strange, empty place when just a short escalator ride away were hundreds of people playing in shiny new arcades and drinking yard long beers as they played 10 pin. We definitely made the better choice, wouldn’t you say?


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  1. That is amazing! I love the analysis of the logics behind the putt-putt decor 😉 You will have to go practice B and beat Jason next time!


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