Hello world!

Yeah. I kept the WordPress first post sample title.

We are Blondie and Beardo

Reception B&W
photo by Allison Lewis Photography


Myself, Beth, and my husband, Jason, are the duo behind this blog. We’re new to this.

Most of this post will probably end up on our about page eventually, leaving this post to be redundant, but I feel compelled to have our first post be a bit of an introduction (likely I’m introducing us to no one people who already know us – hey Mom).

The basics.

We’re both native Alabamans. Alabamians? This they never taught us in school.

We met at a bar around 4am. After a night of dollar wells. Needless to say, lots of alcohol had been imbibed and for most of the evening I had mistaken him for another gentleman. I’m pretty glad he turned out to be himself. I quickly realized that I had found the only person on earth who I could tolerate 24 hours a day.  Exactly one year from the day that we met, we got up at the crack of dawn, went to our favorite hiking spot, said a bunch of mushy words and now we wear matching gold rings.

I kind of hate writing about myself, so instead here is a list of irrelevant facts about us.


  • is a natural blonde
  • is a classically trained “chef”
  • hates the word chef and doesn’t really consider herself one
  • is the youngest of 4 children


  • is Tormund Giantsbane’s doppelgänger (when he does his hair right)
  • has endless trivial knowledge about the US military, guns and outdoor gear (that makes him sound like a scary, doomsday prepper or something, he’s really not)
  • is the photography genius behind this blog www.jhowellphotography.com
  • has an obsession with promotion and gear stickers

We each have one dimple.

We have big plans. Sort of.

Well, less of a plan and more like big dreams. Or goals. That is a better word. “Dreams” always seem out of reach to me. Basically we want to go everywhere and do all of the things. This will be our record of it. Expect lots of food, beautiful photographs and probably a lot of sarcasm.


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