Meeting up in Christchurch: First International Howell Road Trip

After four months of only seeing family members through a computer screen we were pretty excited for Jason’s parents to arrive. There’s just something about seeing a familiar face in person, ya know?

Christchurch tram
Happy to see his parents in New Zealand.

A morning arrival.

J’s parents were absolute troopers that first day. They arrived to the Christchurch airport around 10:30 in the morning. As soon as we met up they were ready to be out and about. Its definitely the best way to expedite the time acclimation. Although, after that long of a journey, I know from firsthand experience that it takes some will power not to pass out on your hotel bed.

Gina and Jeff stayed at a hotel near the central part of the city, Hotel 115. It was the perfect choice as it made getting around that much easier. We walked to Dux Central, a slightly above average pub, for a quick lunch before hopping on the historic tram.

A little tram ride.

Christchurch tram

We made it all the way through the 17 stops, including Cathedral Square, passing the Avon river and the Canterbury Museum. We were enjoying the ride so much we stayed on until reaching back around to New Regent Street, a candy colored lane that sits just behind Hotel 115. Did I mention that the tram tracks run underneath the hotel? Convenient, no?

We wandered down the picturesque street and looked in a shop or two. I grabbed a coffee at a postcard worthy cafe. Every nook and cranny of this little stone street is adorable. Seriously, pictures don’t do it justice.

New Regent Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

The best sunset in Christchurch.

The light was beginning to fade on us. Not wanting to call the evening too early, we opted to hop back on the tram for a lift to the Canterbury Museum. From there we picked up a free shuttle to the gondola. We made it up just in time for sunset over the city.

Christchurch Gondola


Top Christchurch Gondola
Jason and his mom, Gina, at the top of the Christchurch Gondola.

Sunset from Christchurch Gondola

Once the sun had set, the jet lag could no longer be delayed and we parted ways with Jason’s parents before grabbing a bite to eat and then heading off to sleep ourselves. Even without the jet lag, we were dragging by the end of the day. It did not take us long to adjust to the slow pace of longterm travel, and switching back into high gear took a bit out of us that first day.

It was an exciting beginning to what I hope is the first of many travels we’ll have with J’s parents… Gatlinburg anyone?

Blondie and Beardo atop Christchurch Gondola



Has anyone been to Christchurch? What was your favorite thing you did? Let me know in the comments!