Photo of the Bi-Week

So, I missed my 3rd installment of this series. Whoops. I just couldn’t decide on a photo to use. Every time we look through photos we’ve taken, some are good and some, not as much. Obviously, I want to only put the best in this post and on the site, in general. There in lies my dilemma. If I haven’t written a post yet, I assume I’ll attach ALL my favorites covering that topic into the post, like the featured image this week. This one didn’t make it into the St. Kilda post after all, even though I really like it. (I actually mentioned to J about using it for photo of the week last week, but he doesn’t like it. Oh well).

So here it is.

Carousel at Luna Park, Melbourne

This lovely lady is the masthead of one of the carriages on the carousel at Luna Park in Melbourne.

The carousel, known affectionately as the “Jewel in the Crown,” was built in 1913 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the largest and most elaborate in the Southern hemisphere, sporting a “War and Peace” theme. Pictured above is the Columbia figurehead, denoting peace. She has delicate flowers adorning her chariot and is followed by gentle, prancing horses in lighter colors. This contrasts┬áthe darker horses, decorated with armor and swords, obviously emblematic of war.

Pretty cool, huh?

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