Olympus was an incredibly generous sponsor at the Travel Bootcamp, the conference I attended while in Melbourne. Seriously, their branding was plastered all over everything. All the attendees got a goodie bag, packed with treats – the sugary kind, and the more long lasting. Our favorite? This little Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II replica. Its our new key ring and at least once a day we pretend to take photos with it. We have way too much fun doing this.

Just goes to show, sometimes its the little things that inspire the most joy.

Shooting with a mini Olympus OD E-M5 Mark II

The best part about Olympus sponsoring the Travel Bootcamp was getting to play with all their cameras. I am a bit of a camera neophyte. I’ve never taken a photography course and I’ve taken most of the photos on this site with my first “real” camera. I am also not comfortable fiddling around with gear in camera shops because 1) I don’t know what I’m doing and 2) clearly the person hovering over me thinks I’m an idiot because they obviously know more than me, they work in a camera store!

It was incredibly refreshing to be able to try out a new camera without that pressure. The Olympus rep was insanely friendly and was chatting to people all around. Available if needed, but not staring at me while pushing buttons and taking boring photos. I left having a much better opinion of Olympus than when I arrived. The cameras are so lightweight and quiet. While I never would have considered them before, they are definitely in the back of my mind, should I need a new set up.


Anyone out there shoot Olympus and love ’em? Tell us why in the comments.

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