I am implementing a new series – photo of the week!

Since J and I both take loads of photos, only a portion of them make it into blog posts and onto Jason’s website, here. Now, every Sunday you can expect our favorite pic of the week posted, possibly with a little anecdote.

Here you go!

Jason took this gorgeous photo on Lake Pearson our last night in Arthur’s Pass. Unfortunately, shortly after he went to adjust the tripod and his camera went tumbling to the ground along with its lens. He was understandably pissed.

By some streak of magic it all turned out ok. His camera body seems to be working like normal, and the lens has been sent of to have the hood repaired for a small cost. All the glass elements seem to be fine. So, basically the best possible outcome when dropping your camera.

A note to aspiring astrophotographers out there, be sure the your camera is properly secured to the tripod before moving away from it.

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