A Very Troubled Child & One Long Weekend

This post is basically me just bragging about what amazing packers we are (I am).

I don’t know what it is, but I achieve this weird happiness every time I go anywhere and am able to pack as little as possible. I think it all began when two of my most favorite people in the world hopped across the pond to meet me in London after I finished a summer program at Oxford University. With just a medium sized Longchamp bag, I traversed Northern Europe for close to two weeks.

It was so liberating to be free from cumbersome rolling bags and pounds and pounds of stuff that, as it turned out, I didn’t really need.

Very Troubled Child Birds of a Feather No. 6 Bag

The next summer, when I headed off to Barcelona to meet another one of my most favorite people in the entire world, I packed horribly. My bag didn’t make it past the first city, and at the train station as we were headed to Madrid, I bought the smallest orange rolling bag on the planet. I stuffed my essentials into it, leaving the rest, and the original bag, behind in a luggage locker. I planned on stopping back at the train station to pick it all up before catching my return flight to the US. That didn’t happen. I abandoned it all. However, I still have the key to the locker.

It is now one of my longest lasting pieces of jewelry (and one of my favorites).

The last time I ever overpacked was when I headed to Australia for my working holiday, five years ago. After that trip, I finally learned my lesson. Packing light is the way to go.

This spontaneous long weekend trip to Melbourne is a shining example. Aside from our gear bags – J and I both have Lowepro backpacks that hold our cameras, accessories and laptops – we fit everything we needed for three days into my absolutely beautiful Wes Anderson inspired No. 6 handbag from Very Troubled Child.

I am obsessed with Wes Anderson. His aesthetic is everything I want for my life. I’ve definitely mentioned in a previous post that I want to go on a RTW following his filming locations. This future trip will also consist of a visit to a Wes Anderson designed cafe in Italy, Bar Luce.

Very Troubled Child Birds of a Feather No. 6 Bag

So, when I discovered this little company with the same Wes Anderson fascination as myself, I was beyond excited. This leather goods company has taken inspiration from (one of my favorite W.A. films) The Darjeeling Limited and has created a luggage line.

If you haven’t seen the film, first of all, go watch it. Now. I’ll wait.

So, now that you’ve all seen the movie. You know it follows a group of brothers, still mourning the loss of their father, on a trip around India. On this journey, they’re each carrying several pieces of a matching luggage set that belonged to their father.

It is the most bad-ass luggage to ever exist. Until now.

Very Troubled Child has created three different looks styled after the Darjeeling luggage, and they are gorgeous. Each style has a few different bags available, as well.

Very Troubled Child Birds of a Feather No. 6 Bag

Back to packing.

So, I received the Birds of a Feather No. 6 bag as a very generous Christmas gift (thanks ‘rents!) this past year and it has been my constant companion on this journey.

Knowing we were strapped for luggage allowance, Jason and I were able to squeeze everything we needed for three days, non-gear wise, into this beautiful handbag.

Very Troubled Child Birds of a Feather No. 6 Bag

Here’s What We Brought.

  1. Gray maxi dress
  2. Chambray button down
  3. Swimsuit
  4. Men’s T-Shirt
  5. Flannel Button Down
  6. Lightweight pants
  7. Swim trunks
  8. 6 Pairs of Underwear (3 per person)
  9. 6 Pairs of Socks (3 per person)
  10. 3 Contact Cases, with clean solution
  11. 2 Bamboo Toothbrushes
  12. Lush Toothy Tabs
  13. Lush Full of Grace Solid Lotion
  14. Primal Pit Paste
  15. Make-up Bag and Travel Brushes
  16. Comb

Those sixteen things fit perfectly into the No. 6. That was all we needed.

Packing Light for Long Weekend Trip

On our person.

Obviously we also had the clothes that we were wearing on the plane. Our travel clothes combined with what we packed gave me 4 outfit options, and Jason 6, for our trip. Plenty for a 4-day, 3-night trip.

We also both had a mid weight jacket, which we wore on the plane, and a rain jacket, which were strapped to the outside of our gear bags. The only other toiletries we had with us were a chapstick and hand lotion that are always in my Lowepro backpack… gotta keep those lips and hands moisturized!

It might seem like very little to some people, but its really all we needed. And, it makes travel much easier and more enjoyable.

Getting on and off the Skybus in Melbourne I watched every other person struggle with enormous rolling bags and backpacks straining their owner’s backs. Not only did we have the smallest luggage of anyone there, it was also the only piece to look as though it was picked straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. Basically the coolest.

Very Troubled Child Birds of a Feather No. 6 Bag

If anyone found this post interesting and would like to know more about our process of packing for a longterm trip in New Zealand, let me know in the comments and I’ll get that in the works.



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