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Are you up for some fun tonight

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Do you have time to talk?

Rob: Hey Jan. Just tell your friend that you can talk later.

Are you doing something interesting? Tell them! You can have a good conversation about it.

What have you been up to? Paulo: Hi Mia! How about you?

Mia: Oh, the kids are keeping me busy. Tomas is playing soccer this fall.

Roberto got a new job Xxx Peru finder we moved to Chicago three months ago. Paolo: Hi Mia! Nothing.

Ricarda has been in the hospital. She hurt her back at work.

So what have you been up to? Harold: Hi John, what are you up to? Palavuzlar Mehper C.

Palavuzlar Makes things just slightly clearer in my view, good answer. Thanks for improving my answer.

Palavuzlar Sep 15 '10 at Can also mean "What's your scheme?