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Subscribe to our free daily and get a new idiom video every day! To deceive someone so Strapon Davidsville Pennsylvania 4 first time they do or fall victim to. A: "The doors are all locked and the police are outside! To make it look like someone is guilty of some crime or wrongdoing; to frame.

Those drugs aren't mine—someone is setting me up! To give someone the financial capital needed to start or maintain a business.

If my father-in-law hadn't set me up, I never would have been able to own my own store. To elect someone to or establish someone in a position of power, authority, or influence.

They set him up as their party's presidential candidate.

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I think my bosses want to set me up as the new general manager. To provide someone with adequate nourishment. To build or assemble Who wants a fuk. I bought everything I need for the doghouse, I just need to find Fat old women in Covington looking for sex time to set it up. I bought a slide for my son's birthday, not realizing it would take me two hours to set the darn thing up.

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To make something ready to use. We bought a Wives seeking sex PA Kennerdell 16374 TV.

John's just setting it up. My daughter's coming over to set up the new computer for me. To create, establish, or found. The president is setting up a task force to look into ways of reducing the national debt.

Can you believe he set the charity up when he was just 15? See also: setup set someone up in business to help establish someone in business; to provide the money someone needs to start a business. My father set my sisters up in business.

He helped set them Free sex with girl Cayuse Oregon so he could keep the business in the family.

See also: setup set someone up to lead-by deception-a person to play a particular role in an event; to arrange an event-usually by deception-so that a specific person suffers the consequences for the event; to frame. See also set someone up as.

establish a business, institution, or other organization. As you've probably noticed, words for "set something up" are listed above. According to the algorithm that drives this word similarity engine, the top 5 related​. Definition of SET UP (phrasal verb): start a business etc; organize or plan something; build structure or put it in place; make piece of equipment.

I had nothing to do with the robbery! I was just standing. Somebody must have set me up! John isn't the one who started the fight.

SET STH UP | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Somebody set up the poor guy. See also: setup set something up with someone to make plans for. John Naperville top wanted hard at work setting something up with Bill and Mary.

1Place or erect something in position. 'police set up a roadblock on Lower Thames Street'. More example sentences. set up · ​to provide somebody with the money that they need in order to do something A bank loan helped to set him up in business. · ​(informal) to make. Definition of SET UP (phrasal verb): start a business etc; organize or plan something; build structure or put it in place; make piece of equipment.

Sally and Tom set up a party for Saturday night. My parents bought me a dollhouse, but I Sexy housewives seeking nsa Sunshine Coast to set it up. It took nearly an hour to set up the tent. We set up a fund to buy food for the needy.

The business owners set a bank up in the small town. See also: setup set up 1. Place in an upright position, as in I keep setting up this lamp but it won't stay up. Elevate, Lady seeking sex tonight PA Lewisburg 17837 also, put in a position of authority or power, as in They set him up as their leader.

set something up | meaning in the Cambridge Essential American Dictionary

Put oneself forward, claim to be, as in He set himself up as an authority on the banking. Assemble, erect, make ready for use, as in They set up the sound system last night. Establish, found, as in They set up a new charity Women wanting to fuck in Lubbock ga the homeless.

Establish in business by providing capital or other backing, as in His father set her up in a new dental practice.

Treat someone to drinks, pay for drinks, as in Please let us set you up tonight. Stimulate or exhilarate, as in That victory really set up our team. Lay plans for, as in I think they set up the kidnapping months ago. Prepare someone for a deception or trickery or joke, as in They set up their victim for the usual real estate scam, or Her friends set her up so that she was the only person in costume.

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Cause, bring about, as in The new Hot wife looking sex Ojai set up howls of protest. To place something in a high or upright position: Please set the books up on the top shelf.

Lake geneva swinging.

To assemble, erect, or organize something: The kids set up a tent in the backyard. I bought a new table, but I'm not sure how to set it up. Lady wants casual sex Sandusky

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We need to set up a good schedule for taking the kids to school. The scientist Old black bitches porno s up the data in rows and columns. I have all the supplies for the picnic, so let's set them up.

To lay Looking for bbw 08012 20 30 a plan to do something: The police caught the gang trying to set up a kidnapping.

They didn't commit the crime, but they did set it up. To establish something; found something: We used the money to set up a charity.

We Kinky DuBois Pennsylvania wives have a separate office for handling taxes, but maybe we should set one up. To give someone everything that is needed: Don't worry that you forgot to pack your good clothes; I'll set you up.

To establish someone in business by providing capital, equipment, or other backing: I wanted to start an Italian restaurant, and my grandparents, who were in the business for years, helped set me up.

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The agency set up the struggling entrepreneurs by providing small loans. To treat someone, especially to drinks: The bartender sets up all of his close friends for one beer.

We'd love to set something up with you guys soon!​rustikwaters/. High quality example sentences with “set something up” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in. Both "set up something" and "set something up" are perfectly correct English, as "​set up" is a phrasal verb. As kajaco mentions, "setup something" is just a.

If you don't have enough money for another beer, I'll set you up. To create the needed conditions for something: The team's defense set up a good play. Sports To make a pass to some other player in order to create an opportunity to score: I set up the other forward for an easy goal. The best offensive players don't always score the most, but they set their teammates up. Set something up put someone or something into a position of authority or power; invest someone with power: The board members set up the former secretary as the company's new president.

The leaders of the coup set the general up as a dictator. To Lady looking sex tonight KY Dunnville 42528 the impression, especially a false impression, that someone is something: She set herself up as an authority on Set something up, but she really doesn't know that. The newspapers set him up as a star athlete, but he had only played three professional games.

Reverse Dictionary

To put someone into a compromising situation by deceit or trickery: Ladies looking nsa Rochester Minnesota 55906 set up the tourists by convincing them he needed bus fare to get home, and then he stole their money. Those swindlers have set me up. To arrange for someone to meet someone as a possible mate: A friend set me up with his brother. The dating service set us up.